Envelope Solutions

AmericanChurch has been serving the offering envelope needs of churches worldwide since the early 1900’s. Technology advances have moved us forward to electronic giving and web communications—yet offering envelopes remain integral to attaining contributions and sustained giving. As your offering envelope experts, we provide you with exactly what you need.

Envelope Mail Plan

Does your church face contribution challenges that prevent you from moving forward? The Envelope Mail Plan is a simple program that provides value on many levels.

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Boxed Sets

Boxed set offering envelopes place the act of worship through tithes and offerings into the hands of your members. We offer several options for boxed sets to meet your needs and budget.

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Bulk Envelopes

AmericanChurch, Inc. offers a wide variety of custom and stock offering envelopes with beautiful designs and fast turnaround time. And, they cost just pennies.

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Children’s Envelopes

Teaching children to give is an important element of faith education. When you give your kids their own offering envelopes, you’re giving them a way to give to God from their own resources.

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Remittance Envelopes

Custom remittance envelopes not only tell your story, they provide a secure and flexible vehicle for fundraising and are today’s preferred envelope design.

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Anatomy of an Envelope

Your church offering envelope is so much more that an envelope…it’s your billboard. We can give you ideas on how to get the most effective use of your offering envelope program.

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