The Envelope Mail Plan

The offering envelope solution to increase giving and improve church communication

Does your church face contribution challenges that prevent you from moving forward? Have you evaluated the effectiveness of your offering envelope program?

The Envelope Mail Plan from AmericanChurch, Inc. is a simple program that provides value on many levels.

Advantages over boxed sets

  • No wasted envelopes
  • Flexible distribution – add or delete recipients (snowbirds) and special offering envelopes and messages throughout the year
  • A regular reminder to givers

Money Advantages

  • Increased Giving
  • Pay only for envelopes that are sent
  • Include additional messages at no additional postage
  • Free list cleansing process from ACI provides reduced return mail
  • Low postage rate through ACI

Convenient for You

Keep your members’ addresses correct and up-to-date by maintaining your member list on American Church’s Online List Manager (OLM). Changes are made in real time on the portal, keeping your list current every time you need to use it.

FREE Total Address Quality (TAQ)

  • Address Change Services, NCOALink™
  • CASS™ certification (including Locatable Address Conversion Service Link™ (LACS)
  • Delivery Point Validation) makes your mail move update compliant. We also include periodic Verification Plus™ services to provide more correction as needed.
  • Receive reports and address files back to update your master database for future mailings.