Anatomy of an Envelope

Ideas on how to get the most out of your envelopes

Your church offering envelope is so much more than an envelope…it’s your billboard.

Your offering envelope is a communication and a call for needed contributions. The experts at AmericanChurch, Inc. can help you improve your offering envelope design. Just ask…there’s no charge for the face lift that can make it strong, vibrant and deliver more support for your church.

The images below give you ideas on how to get the most effective use of your offering envelope program:

Addressed Offering Envelope

  A visually attractive envelope draws attention. A colorful design helps the giver see your message and fund information.
Your church logo should be included on all print and digital communication. Following this rule ensures that, even if a giver sees just the logo, they will automatically know it belongs to your church.
It’s important to convey a clear, concise stewardship message. By placing your message on your envelope, you communicate the mission of your church – which helps givers identify with the church and motivates them to offer support.

Non-Addressed Offering Envelope

  By placing the giver’s name and address on the envelope, you convey the message that they are a vital part of the church and responsible for keeping it going. This feature also makes Monday morning recording easy and accurate.
Giving designation is one of the most important elements you can include on an envelope. It expresses the need of the church and allows people to support a fund that they can relate to, often resulting in increased giving.
Your church name and contact information need to be displayed properly and clearly. Some people choose to take offering envelopes home and send in support at a later date. Having your name and contact information front and center is a regular reminder and makes the process easy.
AmericanChurch offers a wide choice of ink colors. Pick a color that most closely matches your church colors.
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