Children’s Stewardship Envelopes

Children’s offering envelopes from AmericanChurch, Inc. are fun and educational.

Teaching children to give is an important element of faith education. When you give your kids their own offering envelopes, you’re giving them a way to give back to God early, from their own resources.

NEW! Just in time for summer Vacation Bible School!

Color Me Giving

Little children will love coloring their own offering envelopes while learning stories from the Bible.

Bible Trivia

An annual set of weekly Sunday offering envelopes that feature Bible Trivia questions. The answers are printed upside down for quick reference.

S.S. Noah

The S.S. Noah Series features a different design each month. Each of the 12 monthly designs features facts of a different animal that may have boarded Noah’s boat.

Stewardship Beginnings

The Stewardship Beginnings offering envelope series is an annual boxed set with 52 weekly offering envelopes. There are 3 different designs that rotate weekly to add to this colorful, fun set to teach children about stewardship. 


This envelope series is available in two different flap side designs, allowing children to either print a good deed or provide information for time, talent and treasure. Popular for younger children, these designs show cheerful giving, and are available in both English and Spanish/English. Available in bulk, stock set, boxed set and periodic mailing.


This envelope series teaches children about unity, compassion and stewardship. Gifts may be offered as time, talent or treasure. Verses from the Gospel of John provide scriptural references for caring about others. Available in bulk, stock set, boxed set and periodic mailing.