Inform! Church Newsletters

Improve church communications with Inform! church newsletters

Stay in touch with your congregation using Inform! church newsletters from AmericanChurch Inc. With today’s busy lifestyle, it’s important to keep people informed of activities, events and ministries. This mailed newsletter is ideal for active and non-active members alike.

Inform church newsletters are designed to be easy on your staff. We work with you to design, print and mail the newsletter on a regular or periodic basis.

Tips for creating an effective newsletter:

  1. Have a title and theme for each newsletter
  2. Include articles written by multiple sources both internal and external
  3. Content ideas:
  • Brief summary of recent sermons
  • Event calendars
  • Contact information for different ministries
  • Church vision
  • Financial statement
  • New members section
  • Pictures
  • Personal profiles

Increases to Expect From Newsletters

Church newsletters increase giving