Stock Bulk & Special Fund Envelopes

Stock bulk envelopes are available in minimum quantities of 500 envelopes ready to ship to your church within 48 hours.

Stock Pew Envelopes

Pew envelopes provide a solution for visitors, guests or someone wanting to make a special contribution. These envelopes may also be used by a current member who has forgotten their regular weekly envelope. American Church has a large selection to meet your needs. Order in bulk quantities for pew distribution or to have on hand in the church office.

Denomination Specific Envelopes

AmericanChurch can customize the flap side of these envelopes with your church information. Call for pricing.

Blank Stock Envelopes

Full-color weekly envelopes, Color-tinted envelopes, and bordered envelope options available for your church’s use.

General/Other Envelopes

Envelope options for children’s offering, weekly offering, special holidays, and other specific offerings.

Mission Envelopes

Envelopes specifically for missions and missionaries.

Christmas and New Year’s Envelopes

Envelopes for your church’s Christmas and New Year’s offerings.

Easter Envelopes

Includes envelopes for Holy week and Easter offerings.

Building and Maintenance Envelopes

We understand the general maintenance and repairs that are often overlooked but needed to keep your ministry running. Order envelopes for your specific needs today.

Special Offering Envelopes

Vacation Bible School and other special offering envelopes.

Packaged Bulk Envelopes

Southern Baptist Envelopes

ELCA Envelopes

United Methodist Special Sundays

Orthodox Special Fund

Flap Side Imprint Options