Custom Boxed Sets

An offering envelope is more than simply a vehicle for collecting contributions.

Your offering envelope is your “billboard”—a way to communicate your church message, along with the fund requirements of your church. Custom boxed set envelopes include your church name and fund needs, improving the value of  this communication and giving tool.

Custom boxed set offering envelopes are a set of 52 weekly envelopes for each Sunday of the year and often include an Initial Offering envelope to offset the cost of the sets. Other envelopes or inserts can also be included in the boxed set. Popular additions to the sets are Special Fund offering envelopes, Mail Back envelopes and pledge cards.

Why Choose Custom Boxed Sets?

  • Promotes consistent giving and good stewardship habits 
  • Numbering the envelopes allows for easy record keeping by the church staff 
  • Personalization encourages member participation 
  • Various dating methods available 
  • Insert Mailback envelopes for members to use when they are unable to attend

Personalized boxed sets make distribution easy!

While Custom Boxed Sets are shipped to your church, you may also consider personalized box sets, which are sent directly to the members’ homes.

  • Each envelope has the member name, address and number 
  • Personalized boxed sets are sent directly to the church members home 
  • Eliminates distribution and storage by the church staff 
  • Personal touch helps increase giving and make members feel part of the church community