AmericanChurch, Inc. provides stewardship solutions to churches and religious organizations throughout the United States. AmericanChurch, Inc was founded in 1903, and has grown into a leading supplier of offering envelopes, printed communications and mailing services.

For over 100 years, AmericanChurch, Inc. has worked together with churches and organizations to increase contributions, support ministries and grow congregations. We pride ourselves in meeting the stewardship needs of churches and organizations throughout the United States.



The envelope mail plan with our logo helps to legitimize who we are as an organization.
Before we started the envelope mail plan, program consistency in giving was not there.
The envelope mail system has definitely helped with our budgeting, mainly because of
the consistency of giving."
—Chris Drombetta, Old North Church, Canfield, OH 

It is very beneficial to have somebody I can go to at AmericanChurch. I can email,
I can call and I can have an answer within 24 hours."
—Lynn Merriman, Northmount U.P. Church of the Highland, Pittsburgh, PA


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